Red Diesel Delivery

You may know it as gas oil, 35 second oil, digger fuel, cherry fuel, or other names, but it’s all the same thing. Red Diesel serves many agriculture, off-road, and industrial applications. Star 24/7 Fuel Deliveries understands your fuel needs may be unique, that is why we offer round the clock fuel delivery services.

Here are six important reasons to choose Star 24/7 for your fuel needs

You get much more than fuel with Star 24/7. You also receive a comprehensive fuel management system.

Regular deliveries - you can depend on us for fuel when you need it, no matter what day of the week or time of day.

Four wheel drive delivery service for hard to reach areas

On demand deliveries - our bespoke delivery service is there at your convenience.

Competitive fuel prices

We can come to your mobile off-road plant and provide on-site fuel delivery.

Important Things
to Know about
Red Diesel Fuel

Did you know red diesel fuel is actually red in colour? However, this doesn’t happen naturally, as special dyes are included in the
manufacturing process.

Red Diesel Delivery

Gas oil is red in colour to tell it apart from other diesel fuels. It is designed for special uses. The fuel is cheaper than un-dyed fuel to provide a tax break to those in specific industries in the UK. Misuse of gas oil is a crime and there are heavy penalties involved for those caught.The fuel can only be used for certain applications, and this includes:

*Gritters on public roads and highways
*Agricultural plant and machinery
*Unlicensed vehicles which do not travel on public roads
*Forestry and horticulture equipment
*Backup generators
*Mowing machines
*Construction plant and machinery

You Can Drive on
the Road While
Burning Gas Oil

Gas Oil Can Be Purchased by the Barrel

As part of our fuel delivery service, you can buy gas oil from Star 24/7 in 205 litre barrels. If you wish to learn more about our services or the many products we provide, please feel free to call us at 0161 406 6558.