Lubricants For Commercial Purposes

Lubrication is one of the things that keeps the wheels of industry turning. With all the heavy equipment and machinery, proper lubrication is absolutely essential in order to have an efficient and profitable operation. Industry has a large range of needs when it comes to lubricants and Star 24 /7 is there to deliver.

Industrial applications may require a lot of different lubrication products. Star 24/7 Fuels can provide you with on-site delivery of a large variety of industrial lubricants. These products are specifically designed to meet or exceed the standards set by the manufacturer of your equipment.

We Deliver to Your Place of Business

Keeping up with the lubrication needs of commercial or
manufacturing business can be a full-time job. However, this job is made easier when you don’t have to make the purchases and your needs can be delivered to you.
Star 24/7 Fuel delivers all across the North West and to
Manchester and Stockport. It doesn’t matter when your
company needs fuels or lubrication products we provide 24
hour emergency delivery. You only need to call us, and you
will enjoy these benefits and more:

*Bespoke delivery services
*Schedule regular deliveries for your needs
*On time deliveries
*We offer flexible terms for payment

A Wide Range of Lubricant Products for Modern Industry

Do you need special engine oils? Maybe you have to maintain an entire fleet of large trucks. We can deliver the fuel you require and the right kinds of lubricant products when you need them.

Hydraulic Oil

Perhaps you require special oils for your hydraulic systems. You can depend on Star 24/7 to bring you exactly what you need and it doesn’t matter if it is the weekend or not. We are always open for business.

Industrial Coolants

It’s impossible to maintain large industrial engines without the right type of coolant and in some conditions you may require antifreeze. We can provide many different types of coolants to keep your operation running cool and smooth.

Heavy Duty Products

Lubrication for industrial applications requires the best products because of the extreme environments and demands placed on large equipment. Star 24/7 understands your needs and is there to help. Don’t spend all your time tracking down lubricants when you can have reliable delivery at competitive prices. For more information on our service, call 0161 406 6558 today.

Machine Oils

Some industrial applications need specialty oils for cutting and machining materials. When you need oils for your processes, you can contact Star 24/7 Fuels and we will bring them to you.